Yantain develops first international offshore LNG refuelling project

Shenzhen international offshore LNG refuelling centre project has been at the South China port city of Yantian.

Yantian district government, PetroChina, Shenzhen Gas and Yantian Port Group inked the cooperation agreement to jointly develop the project. It will be the first international offshore LNG refuelling centre in China.

Shenzhen is one of the largest LNG hub ports in China, and is a pioneer in developing offshore LNG refuelling sector. The project aims to effectively satisfy LNG fuel demands in China’s coastal area and attract more international LNG fueled vessels to berth at Chinese ports.

Upon the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve 230,000 tons of LNG refuelling volume annually. With the increasing investments on LNG fuelled vessel, its capacity is planned to reach 2m tons per year.

The construction of the project will optimise service ability of ports in Shenzhen and provide new power to domestic shipping and shipbuilding industries.

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