TEXAS AM Maritime and General Engineering questions?

i was just accepted to texas am maritime last week, as well as SUNY (they are the only two i applied to).

to start, i am also pursuing an appointment to USCGA as that is my dream school.

That being said here are my questions for ya!

1. What are the job offers like towards the end of the senior year? is the market looking for incoming marine engineers on and off shore?
2. do most engineers you know have trouble finding jobs towards the end of their 1st/c year? What is the typical initial salary? (I am about to have alot of loans)
3. What are the contracts they are offered like? How long do they work at a time before taking a break between contracts, and what is the unit of pay during the time worked?
4. MOST IMPORTANT: do you personally know anyone who has pursued the MARGRAD program? Is it a competitive program, or do most applicants get picked up?

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2 thoughts on “TEXAS AM Maritime and General Engineering questions?

  • April 24, 2020 at 8:42 am

    Always Engineering jobs. Starting minimum 80k. Shore side and offshore opportunities; shore side will be heavy travel though. If you want an idea of the market Check out; flagship management, fastream, and core group resources. Firms that hire a lot of Maritime grads; all ran by Maritime grads.

  • April 24, 2020 at 8:42 am

    I work on the unlicensed side and am going to apply to A&M and go for engineering. why you ask? well engineers are in demand like crazy in the industry right now and as far as pay is concerned, starting out no less 100k as far as ocean going tankers. I know this cause I have been sailing AB aboard tankers and have talked to these guys first hand.

    If you want to work you will find work. Don’t worry about that.

    Best of luck and congrats.


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