Singapore warns over tampered Covid-19 tests in crew change

Singapore has warned over tampered Covid-19 test results and a failure to comply with quarantine orders for crew joining in Singapore.

Singapore is allowing crew changes under strict guidelines including quarantine and negative Covid-19 tests. According to the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) over the past week there have been fresh cases of seafarers arriving in the country for crew change with Covid type systems who have later tested positive.

The SSA said there was a clear pattern where both individuals and companies were taking seriously a minimum 14-day isolation period prior to crew change rostering.

Agents GAC quoted a notice from the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) that some test results conducted at the joining crew’s home country had been altered or tampered with.

Companies and agents found to not be complying with crew change protocols face being suspended or banned from conducting the exchange of seafarers in Singapore. SSA warned of a possible shutdown in crew changes if incidents continue to occur.

Singapore currently bars short term visitors and returning residents are subject a mandatory 14-day Stay Home Notice and Covid-19 test before the end of the period.

The sea and air crew bringing in Covid-19 cases have been in the spotlight in Hong Kong where they have been seen as one of the factors in a third wave the city is currently experiencing.

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