Shandong to develop shipping channel in Xiaoqing river

Shandong Haihe Port Company plans to develop a shipping channel in Xiaoqing river, Shandong province.

As part of the plans it will build eight-one 1,000 tonnes-class berths along the river in the initial stage of construction.

The first phase project covers eleven port areas in Jinan port, Binzhou inland river port, Zibo port and Dongying inland river port, will construct eighty-one 1,000 tonnes-class berths, including fifty-eight multi-purpose berths and twenty-three liquid bulk cargo berths, with a designed annual handling capacity of 39.2m tons.

Shandong Haihe Port Company, jointly funded and established by Shandong Marine Group, China Railway Construction Investment Group and Shandong Water Transport Development Group, is engaged in the investment, construction, operation and management of Xiaoqing river project, which is the first waterway transportation project in Shandong province connecting rivers and sea.

The project is scheduled to launch operation in 2022.

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