Shandong and Tianjin ports to jointly promote port development

Two major port operators in North China, Shandong Port Group and Tianjin Port Group, have inked strategic cooperation agreement to promote port development.

The two parties will optimise their port resources and geographical advantage to promote world-class port construction, and form a port cluster to strengthen their service capability. 

According to the agreement, Shandong Port Group and Tianjin Port Group will strengthen their cooperation on intelligent port, green port, market expansion, capital operation and innovation, to further improve efficiency of logistics channel and port operation and promote the interactive development between the two parties. 

Chu Bin, chairman of Tianjin Port Group, said the cooperation signed with Shandong Port Group will promote high quality development of Bohai economic circle and provide stable port service for industrial supply chain. 

Huo Gaoyuan, chairman of Shandong Port Group, said cooperation with Tianjin Port is in line with the trend of industry development from competition to cooperation, which will be able to better service for local port development.

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