SCHOTTEL Supplies Propulsion For New Expedition Cruise

Following the delivery of the expedition cruise vessel Hondius in 2019, Oceanwide Expeditions ordered a second vessel from Croatian shipyard Brodosplit, due for delivery by the end of 2021.

Hondius and the new sister vessel Janssonius are said to be the first vessels in the world to be built according to the LR PC6 class, which meets the latest Lloyd’s Register requirements for Polar Class 6 vessels.

SCHOTTEL, which offers a series of ice-strengthened propulsion systems, said it has been selected again to supply highly reliable main and auxiliary propulsion units. 

Janssonius’ main propulsion system will include a SCHOTTEL controllable pitch propeller type SCP 109 4-XG (4,260 kW) with a propeller diameter of 3.6 meters. The SCP will be ice-strengthened according to Polar Class 6. One SCHOTTEL transverse thruster type STT 1 CP (350 kW) at the bow and one transverse thruster type STT 2 CP (500 kW) at the stern will provide maximum maneuverability.

The propulsion system will be powered by two diesel engines delivering 4,260 kW, enabling a service speed of up to 15 knots. A twin-in single-out gearbox will enable the main propulsion units to achieve propeller speeds of 160 rpm.

For cruise vessels, comfort on board is crucial, which means propulsion systems with low noise and vibration levels. SCHOTTEL said its solutions help to achieve this. In addition, the robustness of the systems ensures a long service life as well as high reliability and maximum propulsion efficiency, the manufacturer said.

Like the Hondius, Janssonius will come equipped with a number of advanced systems and features specifically designed for safe, swift, and flexible polar voyages throughout the Arctic, Antarctica, and the sub-Antarctic. Accordingly, it will have a protected indoor Zodiac loading area that can also be used for sea-based activities such as kayaking. Two separate gangways will further facilitate ship-to-shore operations.

Janssonius, named after an historic Dutch cartographer, will measure 107.6 meters in length and have a beam of 17.6 meters. The newbuild will be able to accommodate 196 passengers in 85 cabins, taken care of by 70 crew members.

The main propulsion system of the Janssonius will include a SCHOTTEL controllable pitch propeller type SCP 109 4-XG (4,260 kW) with a propeller diameter of 3.6 meters (Image: SCHOTTEL)

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