Sanmar Delivers Tug To Latvia’s Port Of Ventspils

Sanmar Shipyards reports it has delivered another new tug to Latvia on schedule, to join the AS PKL Flote fleet in the port of Ventspils.

The latest delivery is a Robert Allan Ltd. designed Ramparts 2200 Class 50t BP ASD tug, the eighth of the series from Sanmar. Originally named Sirapinar VIII, AS PKL Flote has renamed her Altair. Sanmar is currently building the 18th sister of the series.

Sergejs Odincovs, Chairman of the AS PKL Flote, said, “Sanmar Shipyards’ tugboat series Sirapinar was chosen, among other leading Turkish and European shipbuilders, as the best combination of technical characteristics, high quality and reasonable price. During the tender Sanmar’s commercial and technical team suggested good solutions which were very flexible and quickly adapted to our wishes . . . The schedule was very tight (8 months only) but all stages were completed on schedule.”  

Ruchan Civgin, Commercial Director of Sanmar Shipyards, said Altair’s hull has been ice-strengthened to enable operations in icy conditions.

The vessel will operate in the port of Ventspils, a deep-water port on the East coast of the Baltic Sea that connects transiting Russian and Belarus cargoes, such as fertilizers, potassium salt, coal, grain, general cargo, ro-ro and others. The annual throughput of the port is around 20 million tons. The technical capabilities of the ice-free port allow to service the largest vessels entering the Baltic Sea all year round.

“The tug has met all our expectations. Compact size, good maneuverability in combination with enough power makes it ideal for our port,” the crew said. They describe their first impression as like having a new luxury car – smart design, good materials, and quality of outfit with attention to detail.

PKL Flote, a member of the Alfons Hakans Group, is a Latvian tugboat company which specializes in harbor and sea towage in the Latvian ports of Riga and Ventspils. PKL Flote has six modern and powerful ASD tugs and the entire group owns and operates more than 50 tugboats, barges and workboats. In addition to core tugboat services, the PKL fleet is used for icebreaking, firefighting, transporting people and small cargoes and for emergency services.

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