Offshore supply ship on fire, Arabian sea UPDATE 3 trapped crew found dead | GREATSHIP ROHINI

Offshore supply ship GREATSHIP ROHINI is on fire in Arabian sea in Mumbai High Field area, since around 0330 UTC Feb 13. Latest AIS dated 0400 UTC, the ship seemed to be adrift.
UPDATE: 1 crew suffered burns and was medevaced by helicopter. Fire erupted in engine room, reportedly it’s under control, but 3 crew remain trapped inside superstructure, filled with smoke. There’s no communication with ship except via nearby offshore tugs engaged in firefighting.

Feb 14 UPDATE: Fire was extinguished on Feb 13, but search party couldn’t board the ship and start searching for missing 3 crew until morning Feb 14, because the superstructure was overheated and inaccessible. In the morning Feb 14 S&R team, consisting of CG officials and company specialists, boarded the ship and found missing, sailors – all three dead, unfortunately. Bodies of two seamen were found in the tween-deck area, burnt beyond recognition and the third body with burn injuries was found in the engine control room, said director general of shipping Mumbai, Amitabh Kumar.

New FleetMon Vessel Safety Risk Reports Available:

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