MSC makes first ever Colombian avocado shipment to China

The first ever Colombian export of Haas avocado to China is being transported by an MSC vessel, on the line’s Aztec service arriving at Shanghai.

An MSC vessel left the Colombian Pacific port of Buenaventura 28 May with 28 tonnes of fruit, using Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology, which keeps perishable products and temperature-sensitive cargo fresh for the entire journey.

Regulating the atmospheric composition inside the reefer containers throughout their journey is crucial, in order to preserve the fruit’s taste, freshness, texture and aroma. MSC was chosen to carry out this important task for its solid experience in transporting perishable goods.

“We use CA technology to slow down the ripening process and extend shelf-life. This allows fruit to travel long distances while retaining the same appearance, flavour and quality as when it was harvested.

“We continually invest in the latest reefer technologies to offer our customers the best and most sustainable transport options, and recently added 5,000 new Star Cool CA units to our fleet.  We also provide 24/7 customer support and expert advice on everything from cargo-stuffing to customs paperwork,” MSC said.

Colombia is becoming an important avocado exporter to Europe and others countries and thanks to a 2019 trade agreement with China, is now entering the Chinese market.


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