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I’ve currently got a Master 100 GT inland, interested in expanding to near coastal. I’ve been told by someone more experienced that, holding a master license, all I need is 90 days working on a NC vessel. Checklist on the coast guard website doesn’t include that, but it does have that for Mate 200 GT NC, 90 days Deck service on Ocean, near coastal, Great lake, or inland on a vessel less than 200 GT. I currently run a 100 ton dinner boat and definitely have the time for the mate license since that includes inland waters.

So here’s what I’m trying to figure out: can I upgrade to NC on 90 days NC time? If not, I’ve seen that the 200 ton mate also qualifies as OUPV NC, is that accurate and would that allow me to do things like boat delivery, crew boats, etc? There’s a lot of weird info and it’s hard to find a lot of it in one place, definitely appreciate any help I can get on this.

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  • April 24, 2020 at 9:10 am

    I’m an engineer and I’m wholely unqualified to make statements on the deck side. That being said the requirements for 100 ton Master NC state 2 years sea time. While the inland is only 1 year. It goes on to state 1 year of inland can be used for that 2 year requirement. So I’m afraid you’ll need another 270 days. Source: 46 CFR 11.428

    I could be wrong and I often am so I would suggest a call to the NMC @ 888-I-ASK-NMC.

    As for the second part of your question it would seem you qualify for OUPV with 360 days 90 of which need to be in NC or Ocean waters. Source 46 CFR 11.467 (c)

    Use of that license would depend on the vessel and the commerce it is engaged in. One other aspect, sometimes insurance companies dictate license required as well, They could very well state minimum required license for a delivery of a vessel is 100 ton NC. Grab the OUPV NC and 200 ton mate as soon as you can. Requirements to get them are only going to get more difficult. It will only cost you some money but that’s an investment in your earning potential.

    Again call the NMC as they would be the ones making the determination. Be prepared with your MMC reference number and personal details so they can look up your file.


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