Isle of Man Ship Registry retains US QUALSHIP status

The Isle of Man Ship Registry has maintained its place on the United States Coast Guard (USCG) QUALSHIP 21 programme.

The ship registry will continue to be included on the scheme until July 2021. In order for a ship registry to qualify based on data from US Port State Control inspections it must have a three-year average detention rate below the 1.0% threshold. In the case of the Isle of Man Ship Registry it has a rolling detention ratio of 0.48% over 132 inspections carried out.

Isle of Man Ship Registry director Cameron Mitchell commented: “The Isle of Man Ship Registry prides itself on being an internationally respected quality flag of choice, and we’re delighted this dedication to quality and safety has been recognised once again by the US Coast Guard.”

“Achieving a three-year average detention ratio in the US of just 0.48% is testament to the expertise and hard work of the entire ship registry team, our clients and ship operators.”

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