IRClass launches first of five vessels for Unichart Navigation

The Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) has launched a general cargo vessel for Unichart Navigation, its first in a series of five vessels.

The MV Roknoor-32, built under the classification of IRClass, was launched from the Delta Shipyard in Chattagram, Bangladesh. It is also the first Bangladesh flag vessel being constructed under IRClass.

MV Roknoor-32 has a capacity of 3,200-dwt and is designed to meet the latest IMO conventions and codes for worldwide operations.

Amit Bhatnagar, regional manager East Coast of India and Bangladesh for IRClass, commented: “I am delighted with our team in Bangladesh who have worked tirelessly during this period to facilitate the successful construction and launch of the vessel. The team has been very committed from the start and quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’ of safety measures, implemented to allow safe operations for both our clients and surveyors.”

The launch follows closely on several other vessels which were built under IRClass’ classification and successfully delivered during this unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic.

Syed Monzur Hossain, executive director of Delta Shipyard, said: “The timely approval of plans allowed the construction to proceed smoothly and the team’s unsurpassed attention to detail ensured that any issues were resolved early on in the process.”

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