Innovative cost-efficient ship repair service is now available on the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Latin and South America

Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Latin and South America shipping markets are now richer for an innovative repair service known as COMPA Repairs that applies composite patching to geometrically complex structures and in locations difficult to reach. Their repairs are provided fast, cost-efficient, safe and with durable effects. Signed agreements with international marine companies from the mentioned markets and combined with previous ones, increasingly approaches to the goal of established service network of durable cost-efficient on-board ships’ repairs worldwide. Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is offering supreme technical support & spare parts solutions to the international shipping market.

The signed agreement gives to Oceantech status of the exclusive COMPA commercial and marketing agent in the territory of Greece and Cyprus. Hungarian innovative company Tanxperts is focused on consulting, inspection and repair of tanks. As part of the signed partnership agreement, Tanxperts team have also had a proper COMPA training that consists of the one day lecture and three days of practical exercises. Farol serviços is engaged in the development of innovative solutions for maintenance and repair in the marine & energy industries.

Flange repair

This partnership will expand the availability of COMPA Repairs service in the markets of Latin and South America. These agreements continue the successful COMPA Repairs worldwide expansion and increasingly prove a recognition of the best alternative solution and cost effective ship repair.

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