One thought on “How to transfer US license to a Canadian license?

  • April 23, 2020 at 11:12 am

    You need to contact Transport Canada and find out the equivalencies. TC is hard to deal with with regards to foreign certificates, the different TC offices across the country have their own interpretations of the regulations. In general, TC doesn’t like foreign documents, even from more established countries like the USA and the UK. The examiner at the branch may not accept it, but keep pushing and eventually they will send it to Ottawa for approval. If you can, go to smaller branch TC office, they are usually more casual. Vancouver is the worst one the country, and from my experience, St. John’s was the best; I’ve heard that Bathurst is pretty chill as well. If you don’t speak French, avoid the offices in Quebec.

    If you get your US documents approved, you may have to do an exam or a course extra to fill in any gaps in the requirement.

    You should be okay, but it’s usually a pain in the ass, more than it should be.


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