How easy/difficult is it to swap to a different industry of boats?

Currently an OS on OSVs in the GoF living in the south and wanting to move to Oregon while staying in Martine. It looks like the most practical or only options there would be tugboats or commercial fishing. I’m interested in the former. I currently hold my OS and am two courses away from being eligible for my AB Special/OSV sticker. I hold an MMC and TWIC but am not part of any type of Union. Will companies based out of Portland consider me or mostly shuffle me aside with no tugboat experience? What kind of starting pay can i expect? I’m trying to do this move in about ten weeks and will probably fly in/out for my hitches and remain on OSVs until I find something that will let me crewchange without a flight or not across the country. I like my job but constant flights just aren’t sensible without a license and the pay that comes with one.

Will I be able to find a job out there or is it a much more niche industry compared to Southern Louisiana?

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One thought on “How easy/difficult is it to swap to a different industry of boats?

  • July 19, 2020 at 10:20 am

    Look into Puget sound area. A lot of companies do 2-3 week hitches and the drive up from Oregon isn’t bad. Tug companies always need deckhands and the Puget sound area has a ton of tug activity. Check out Western tow, centerline logistics, Vane Bros, island tug and barge.


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