Hamburg plays a lead role in Port Call Optimisation

A latest update on operations of the Hamburg Vessel Coordination Centre (HVCC) was presented at a Port Call Optimisation industry input workshop held last week.

HVCC coordinated 7,300 terminal calls of large-sized vessels, feeder ships and barges during 2019, director Jan Hartwig told the virtual workshop, distributing 3,800 passage plans.

Jointly owned 2:1 by terminal operators HHLA and Eurogate, HVCC works by vessels informing it 48 hours in advance of their planned arrival at Hamburg, he explained. The centre then replies within 24 hours at latest, providing an optimised schedule and approach speed in order to reduce idle waiting time in port and thereby reduce costs and emissions.

The HVCC also functions as a communication interface between the Hamburg Vessel Traffic Service and the pilots on the Elbe River connecting the city to the sea.

This “unique collaboration” of connecting stakeholders and their data by digital platforms results in “increased handling quality and schedule reliability,” Hartwig said.

In particular, Wärtsilä’s Navi-Port just-in-time arrival ssoftware that forms part of its Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) system was successfully tested in Hamburg last year under a collaboration between HVCC, Carnival Cruise and Bureau Veritas, he added, data also being exchanged with the Carnival Fleet Operation Centre located in the city.

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