Greek Firm Certified For Remote Drone Inspections

Greek drone inspection services provider NextWave Hellas said it received certification from classification society RINA for remote inspection techniques through the use of aerial drones. This will allow NextWave Hellas and its team of pilots to reduce safety risks associated with inspections while simultaneously offering a more cost-efficient solution for clients, the company said.

Manolis Chochlakis, NextWave Hellas’ head of business development, said, “One of the clearest use cases for drones is in surveying. Classification societies, shipowners/management, and port/flag state surveyors often need to conduct surveys in hard to reach places to assess a vessel’s condition. This can involve entering tanks and ballast spaces, working at heights to inspect masts or communication equipment.

“Considerable savings include time and costs by reducing survey preparation, reducing the need for scaffolding and rafting, and avoiding damage to tank coatings. Most importantly, they improve safety, since surveyors do not have to work at height or, in some cases, confined spaces.”

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