Fukunaga Kaiun joins CTM’s Supramax RSA

Fukunaga Kaiun joins CTM’s Supramax RSA

Japanese owner Fukunaga Kaiun has joined C Transport Maritime’s Supramax RSA having placed the 2012-built Furness Victoria into the pool.

Fukunaga Kaiun is the second Japanese owner to place vessels into the RSA, which now numbers more than 80 ships.

“We are honoured that Fukunaga Kaiun has chosen to join our Supramax RSA and we look to further expand into and consolidate our presence in the Japanese market. CTM has a long-standing tradition of cooperation with the Japanese market including with trading houses, yards and relationships with local owners,” CTM said in a statement.

Last month MPF MI Holdco, a joint venture between Mangrove Partners and Nordic Hamburg, also joined the pool and in 2019 new additions included Wah Kwong, Stone Shipping, d’Amico, M/Maritime and Eastern Pacific Shipping.

“Performance, transparency and flexibility of the structure are what in my mind have been the sources of our growth,” John Michael Radziwill, chairman and CEO of CTM, recently told Splash.

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