Deadly port explosion rocks Beirut

Authorities in Lebanon are busy counting the number of dead and injured people from an explosion at Beirut Port in Lebanon which has rocked the entire city.

The blast, which happened in the city’s port area, appears to have been caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate being stored in a warehouse for the last six years, which President Michel Aoun said was unacceptable.

Latest information from Lebanese authorities has put the death toll at 78 people, with over 4,000 injured.

“I promise you that this catastrophe will not pass without accountability,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in an address to the nation. “Those responsible will pay the price.”

It is not yet knows if any ships at the port have been affected by the blast, however the port area itself is said to have been totally destroyed. Local journalist Hanna Anbar told CBC that the port is basically gone. “There is nothing. Nothing. Every building looks like it has been bombed.”

Mapping from Marine Traffic shows several vessels in port, including CMA CGM’s 11,356 teu boxship CMA CGM Lyra.

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