Crew tense, conflicts, in dire need of change. Singapore and Korea aren’t option. | PERISTIL

Croatian bulk carrier PERISTIL is in state of emergency, because of a tense situation on board, caused by long overdue crew change. 14 out of total 21 crew are to be changed for quite some time already, conflicts and even fight among crew reportedly, took place recently. The ship is en route from Bayuguan China, Bohai sea, to Indonesia, as of Jun 28 she was sailing in northwest East China sea, ETA to Indonesian port Jul 6. Understood PERISTIL is in ballast, chartered to take cargo in Indonesia, which is to be delivered to China. Managing company JADROPLOV is planning Hong Kong call, to change crew, during a return trip from Indonesia, to minimize financial losses. Singapore and South Korea, according to management, aren’t an option, thanks to very complicated procedures and practices. In South Korea, said management, sign–off seamen have to undergo 14-day quarantine in terse conditions, being settled in containers.
Crew change procedures must be carried out in easiest manner possible, excluding prison-like “quarantine” and humanly insulting, humiliating transfer procedures.

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