Container volumes drop 11.1% in Mexican ports in H1 2020

Mexican ports moved 3.13m teu from January-June this year, a drop of 11.1 % compared to 3.52m teu for the same period in 2019, said the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT).

In its monthly statistical report of cargo, vessels and passengers, the agency reported that 2.15m teu were handled through the Pacific ports, down 9.8% compared to 2.38m teu in the first half of 2019.

In this first half of 2020 the Port of Manzanillo handled 1.4m teu, down 7.1% compared to 1.51m teu previously; while Lazaro Cardenas moved 523,589 teu, down 20.9% from 662,060 teu in January-June 2019.

Based on the report prepared by the SCT General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine, the ports of the Gulf of Mexico handled moved a total of 981,384 teu in January-June 2020, down 13.6% from 1.14m teu in the first half of 2019.

 The Port of Veracruz handled 494,202 teu, down 13.1% if compared with 568,906 teu in 2019; Altamira reached 374,330 teu, down 15.7% from 444,258 teu the previous year.

Mexico’s cargo imports fell 10.9% and exports also fell 11.2 % during the first half of 2020. 

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