Container ship LEXA MAERSK Update | LEXA MAERSK

Maritime Bulletin was informed, on condition of anonymity, of a present status and condition of container ship LEXA MAERSK. It runs as follows:
• Currently moored at ROTTERDAM MAASVLAKTE since 18th of May.
• Dutch medical personnel performed COVID19 testing on ship’s Crew.
• The results of the tests found 5 crew members positive with COVID19 including the Captain. Currently none is critical, but crew members all isolated.
• The NL MSV Port Master placed the vessel under quarantine.
• The vessel offloaded its entire cargo-containers, indicates long stay
• Sign Off-On it’s of an unknown status.
Comment: Understood test positive crew remain on board and feel healthy. Nowadays, though, being healthy means merely, that you’re, most probably, an “asymptomatic person”.
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