ClassNK launches new certification service for innovative technology

Japanese classification society ClassNK is launching a new service entitled “Innovation Endorsement” for certifying innovative technology.


The move builds on the “ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030” vision for the role of digital in the future of ocean-related business and evolution of safety released earlier this year, which contained the policy aim to “diversify certification services and expand their scope”.

“Up until now, we have carried out certifications in accordance with the mandatory requirements of international conventions and of our rules,” commented Dr Toshiro Arima, general manager of ClassNK’s Digital Transformation Center, which will act as point of contact for the new service.

However, since evaluation standards for innovative technologies have yet to be established, he continues, this can hinder their diffusion. Hence, the new service will focus on speed of implementation and establishing appropriate evaluation criteria “in cooperation with technical front runners”.

InnovationEndorsement (003).jpg

ClassNK explains that Innovation Endorsement certification will be carried out and classified under three different categories as follows:

1. Ships: A new class notation “Digital Smart Ship” will be established and will be given to ships applying digital technologies including various types of monitoring and autonomous navigation.

2. Products/solutions: Includes innovative products/solutions that are expected to be widely used in the future such as those involving CBM (Condition Based Monitoring), fuel efficiency improvement, data quality assurance, electronic logbooks, and more.

3. Providers: Certification of development methods for creating innovative technologies by companies and of the companies themselves.



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