Chinese Tug Has Coronavirus Quarantine Space

A Chinese tug has been fitted with a space to quarantine crew members as the global maritime industry continues to implement precautionary health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The vessel, Jin Gang Lun 32, owned and operated by Tianjin Port has been equipped with a 20-foot container fitted to the aft deck as an isolation/temporary quarantine space.

The air-conditioned container features large watertight windows and contains basic living facilities including a sofa settee, potable water, WC, safety appliances, medical kit, and receptacles for medical emergency equipment. 

The Robert Allan Ltd. designed Jin Gang Lun 32 is one of a pair of sister vessels which are the very first towing vessels that are in the process of awarding the CCS Class notation of “i-Ship”, with sub-notations of “N”-intelligent navigation; “M”-intelligent machinery space, “E”-intelligent energy management and “I”- intelligent integral platform.

Jin Gang Lun 32 is classed and built according to the CCS Class notation: CSAD, Tug, Greater Coastal Service, Ice Class B, CSMD, AUT-0

(Photo: Robert Allan Ltd.)

(Photo: Robert Allan Ltd.)

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