China Development Bank Financial Leasing orders eight bulkers

China Development Bank Financial Leasing entered into vessel building contract with New Ocean Shipbuilding in Jiangsu for eight 63,000 dwt bulk carriers at a total cost of $188.92m.

The company intends to lease the vessels to an independent third party in the form of a long-term time charter.

Two of the vessels are expected to be delivered in February 2021, two in May 2021, two in July 2021 and two in September 2021.

Vessel leasing business is an important measure for the company to enrich the variety of vessel businesses and enhance the competitiveness in the vessel business market. The transaction will increase the company’s operating lease business income and is in line with the company’s development strategy, said the China Development Bank Financial Leasing. 

China Development Bank Financial Leasing is mainly engaged in providing comprehensive leasing services to the industries including aviation, infrastructure, shipping, vehicle and construction machinery.

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