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So I was at basic training about 5 months ago shit happened and I had suicidal ideations and was discharged with an adjustment disorder diagnosis, never had to take any medications; however, I was hospitalized, but still didn’t take any medications in the hospital and Don’t need any medications still. My question is can I ever get my merchant marine medical certificate from the coast guard after I get evaluated by a doctor and get cleared or would they not even consider a waiver? Or should I just flat out not mention it ? Thank you.

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  • June 27, 2020 at 10:57 am

    If you do not currently have anything prescribed to you then you should be just fine. It’s unfortunately/fortunately a don’t tell and they don’t ask. The coast guard medical evaluations I’ve had have all been absolute jokes.

    I am sorry you’re going through this rough time though, once you are employed I really recommend getting a therapist you can see regularly when you’re on shore. My therapist has changed my life and has helped me be more emotionally healthy when I’m at sea for half the year. I also take these non prescription supplements – [New Mood ]( from Onnit. They balance me out when I’m at sea and help me sleep really well, I’ve struggled with depression my entire life.


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