Best path to take to become deckhand

I’m 17yr old i Live in Socal and have been gaining as much sea time while i commercial fish this summer. I’m interested in the Maritime industry preferably tow/tug. What type of certification do I need to start as a deckhand on a boat? The USCG site is pretty confusing. what does the current industry look like right now on the west coast including Alaska would it be easy to find employment?

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  • July 6, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    Check out the Workboat Academy if you’re interested in a Mate 1600t license without college.

    The SIU has an unlicensed apprenticeship program, BUT I think the [Job Corps program at Tongue Point, OR]( It’s free, designed for people your age, it’s affiliated with the IBU and I believe you can earn an AB **&** QMED cert at the same time!

    I’m also happy to answer any questions via PM


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