A few questions about the MITAGS apprenticeship program

I’m interested in their 3M unlimited apprenticeship program and I have a few random questions concerning it.

1. The initial math test, does it involve calculus (I am abysmal at calculus, so I’m a bit concerned about the “intensity” of the test)?
2. Are there any drawbacks (aside from cost) to this program when compared to the hawsepiper Route? It seems like an insanely good deal.
3. How “competitive” is the program? Personally I’m a college student with minimal work experience aside from a handful of entry level jobs. I expect this program to be tough, but would I even have a chance of being accepted given how young I am?
4. What other bits of information do you (former enrollees in this program) wish you had known when starting off?

Thank you to this subreddit btw, you have all been so helpful

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2 thoughts on “A few questions about the MITAGS apprenticeship program

  • May 16, 2021 at 6:44 am

    I am an instructor at MITAGS and I teach many of the apprenticeship courses. To answer your questions:

    1. The math test isn’t impossible. As I recall, it mainly focuses on algebra, trigonometry, unit conversion and solving equations. Here’s t[he math placement exam that they use at SUNY](https://www.sunymaritime.edu/sites/default/files/media/Documents/Math%20Placement%20Exam.pdf), if you can finish the algebra, trig and solving equations sections you should be fine.
    2. One drawback is that MITAGS is not accredited so you won’t be able to get a federal student loan. I don’t think there are any other drawbacks.
    3. The competitiveness of the program really depends on how many positions/berths we have to fill. Age isn’t usually a factor, but work experience, especially on vessels helps.
    4. Be prepared to work hard and to motivate yourself. Some of the classes are hard and this is adult education, not HS. The classes are also a lot more condensed/intense than they are at a 4 year school. We (at the school and on the ship) are willing to help you as much as you need but you need to be showing up, trying and open to help.

    Good luck! And feel free to PM me if you have any other questions

  • May 16, 2021 at 6:44 am

    Hey, have you considered doing SUNY Maritime as a grad student? 2 years to your 3M unlimited with your masters degree and you can get federal loans.

    I can answer questions about this route if you’re interested.


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